Robbo's Guitar & Amp Gear

(thanks to Mats Andersson)

Les Paul

Although often associated with the black 1960 Les Paul Custom seen in the Live and Dangerous video (left picture), Robbo's guitar of choice for the past few decades has been a 1973 Les Paul Deluxe (right picture). Robbo was given the Deluxe when he joined Lizzy in '74 and at the time it had the usual mini humbuckers installed. There is some video footage from 1977 US TV (Midnight Special) where the mini humbuckers are still in place. However, probably in late 1977, the pickups were changed to 1959 PAFīs which he picked up while on tour in Texas. At that time he began to use the black 1960 Les Paul Custom and, because he hadn't had time to break in the serviced Deluxe, he kept playing the Custom for some time to come - in fact right up until the end of Wild Horses. Robbo later realised that the Deluxe sounded much better than the Custom and itīs been his main guitar ever since.

He can been seen playing a Fender Stratocaster in some Lizzy mimed video footage and he also played a Fender Telecaster during the jam on the farewell tour. He also used some Yamaha guitars during the Wild Horses days. In the early years of Thin Lizzy Robbo also played a very old Les Paul with white P90 soapbar pickups (left). It is probably a 1952 or 1953. The guitar is a bit special because it is hollowed out and in an interview Robbo said that Mick Ralphs had met Les Paul himself and had discovered that it was built for Les Paul's then wife Mary Ford. He can be seen with it in the "Wild One" video footage and he was also seen playing with it more recently with Sinnead OīConnor.

Marshall Amps

In Lizzy he used Marshall Superlead 100w amps and Marshall 4x12 cabinets - often three 100w heads, each with a single 4x12 cabinet. On occasions in TV studios, he also pointed his cabinets backwards and/or used an angled 4x12 cab on its side. At times he also used a couple of Zoom comboīs as monitors. During the Motorhead days he used JCM800 heads and in the early 90īs, when playing with Ainīt Lizzy and with The Clan, he sometimes used Mesa Dual Rectifiers. Nowadays he prefers Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb heads.


In Lizzy he used a colorsound wah wah and occasionally an MXR phaser (a P45 or P90) and an MXR Blue Box (only when he wanted to get a bit weird). The most important effect according to Robbo was the WEM Copicat tape echoes that he used - he used two in Lizzy and four in Wild Horses which were racked in series. In Motorhead he seems to have used some kind of harmonizer or pitch shifter in addition to his wah wah and delays. When playing with Frankie Miller in 1986 he used a Roland Chorus/Echo. Nowadays he uses a Cry Baby or a Vox wah wah and the reverb on the JCM900.