Yodel & Robbo News

Robbo on tour! (news item posted 25th February 2008)

Robbo will be touring with "Five Fifteen".

12/3 Wild At Heart, Berlin, Germany
13/3 Bunker, Chemnitz, Garmany
14/3 7er Club, Mannheim, Germany
15/3 Spirit Of 66, Verviers, Belgium

Led Zep tribute! (news item posted 19th February 2008)

Robbo was involved in this "Led Zep tribute CD" on the track "Good Times, Bad Times".

Rough Cuts! (news item posted 18th February 2008)

Listen to some rough cuts of Robbo's latest recordings...

"Do It Till We Drop" (Miller/Robertson)

"Blues Boy" (Lynott/Robertson)

"Linger My Love" (Karlsson/Robertson)

Robbo is back in Town! (news item posted 14th February 2008)

After over a yera of self-imposed exile from the music business, Robbo is back in the recording studio with Ian Haugland (drums) and Nalle Pahlsson (bass). The first session is now complete with three tracks recorded. The next session should take place during this Winter or early Spring. The songs recorded so far are "Do It Till We Drop" (Miller/Robertson), "Blues Boy" (Lynott/Robertson) and "Linger My Love" (Karlsson/Robertson) with a line-up consisting of Robbo on guitars and vocals, Sulo - lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ian Haugland - drums and percussion, Nalle Pahlsson - bass and Linéa Helgé on backing vocals. Recording took place at Polar Studios in Stockholm on January 10-12th with Chris Laney and Lennart Östlund. Marshall Amps were supplied by DM Audio. A special thanks to everyone involved and to Pär Olsson at Luthman Scandinavia for his support and Gibson guitars over the years. Yodel! Robbo and Sören"

Robbo & Five Fifteen - Finland Tour (news item posted 4th September 2006)

21/9 Helsinki "On The Rocks"
22/9 Nokia, "Iisoppi"
23/9 Helsinki, "Liberte"
27/9 Tampere, "Rockhouse"
28/9 Kuopio, "Henry's Pub"
29/9 Oulu, "Foxia"
30/9 Turku, "Caribia"

The Clan - Swedish Gig Date (news item posted 18th August 2006)

Robbo's playing the Mölnlycke Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden next Saturday, 26th of August... as last year it will be with "The Clan" aka Robbo, Martin Kronlund, Imre Daun and Paulo Mendonca.

The Clan - Sweden Tour, 19th October 2005

Wed 26/10 Trollhattan
Thu 27/10 Uddevalla
Fri 28/10 Anderstorp
Sat 29/10 Lidköping, Corner
Sun 30/10 Gothenburg, Diamond Dogs

The Clan, 14th October 2005

Look out for tour dates in Sweden - more info soon!

Robbo to reform The Clan, 5th September 2005

Following the sucessful Molnlycke gig last week in Gothenburg, Robbo has decided to reform "The Clan" with Paulo Mendonca, Martin Kronlund and Imre Daun. Things will start with a warm-up tour of Sweden at the end of October and then there's talk about some gigs in Germany and Switzerland.

Robbo in Dublin, 24th August 2005

Robbo was present at the unveiling of Phillip Lynott's statue in Dublin on 19th August along with Lynott's mother Philomena and various other ex-members of the band. Robbo also played "Emerald" and "Still in Love with You" with Gary Moore, Brian Downey and Jonathan Noyce at the gig on 20th August.

More pics of Robbo by Alan Topping can be found here!

Robbo in Gothenburg, 24th August 2005

Paulo Mendonca will now be the vocalist and bass player for the gig on Saturday 27th of August in Molnlycke, Gothenburg. Joining them will be Martin Kronlund(Dogface) and Imre Daun(Don Patrol).

Details of Robbo in Dublin 16th August 2005

Robbo will play two songs with Gary Moore at the point in Dublin on August 20th...GM on lead vocals and lead guitar, Brian Downey on drums, Jonathan Noyce (Jethro Tull) on bass and Robbo on lead guitar and vocals...the rehearsals will be in Dublin 19-20th of August (the others have already rehearsed in London) and he'll be using the Les Paul De Luxe from 1973 aka "The Old Bitch".

Robbo in Gothenburg 16th August 2005

On saturday the 27th of August Robbo will play at the August Fest in Molnlycke, Gothenburg, Sweden with a band consisting of Martin Kronlund(Dogface), Jim Jidhed(Alien) and Imre Daun(Don Patrol).

Lizzy Feature in Classic Rock! 29th July 2005

An article on Thin Lizzy's tour with Queen, with a separate column dedicated to each of the Lizzy guitarists. In his column, Robbo recalls some fond memories of Phillip Lynott and also has a few harsh words about the very idea of touring a band called Thin Lizzy without Phil Lynott. Unfortunately, Classic Rock used a picture of Brian Downey instead of Robbo!!

Robbo to play in Dublin! 10th June 2005

Robbo will be joining other ex-Lizzies at the special tribute gig to celebrate the unveiling of Philip Lynott's statue in Dublin in 20th August. The details of the statue gig can be found here.

Robbo On Tour! 17th January 2005

Happy New Year!

Everything went well and tour was short but sweet! We're definitely doing more shows with Five Fifteen this year and it might be an idea to look at some european dates for the summer.

Robbo is also featured on the new Five Fifteen single "Jesus went to New York City(again)" Ranch23 386871-9. He plays mega lead guitar on the title track.


Robbo On Tour! 20th December 2004

4/1 "On the rocks", Helsinki, Finland

5/1 "Kaarle", Kokkola, Finland

7/1 "Raparallaa", Tampere, Finland

8/1 "Rockland", Sala, Sweden

More dates are planned - they'll be posted here when they're confirmed.

Robbo Plays Jimi! 19th October 2004

Robbo will play at the Rock My Heart Festival in Bucharest, Romania november 6th. It's a MTV sponsored Jimi Hendrix Tribute featuring guest appearances by David O List, Uli Jon Roth, Mick Abrahams, Robbo and Jaime Dulce. We're planning to do "Voodoo Chile", "Foxy Lady" and "Spanish Castle Magic", but we're open to suggestions!

Updated 28th October: Due to family reasons Robbo will have to cancel the appearance at the Jimi Hendrix festival in Bucharest, Romania on november the 6th. We're truly sorry for this and hope to be able to give any romanian fans the chance to see the man live in a very near future anyway.

All the best,
Soren/Yodel Productions

Latest Robbo/Yodel Project 19th October 2004

The recording of the "Yodel" CD is in progress. We've been recording drums, bass, piano, mandolin and guitars on the 9 tracks we're working on at the moment in Das Boot Studios in Stockholm and we're getting ready to start auditioning singers in the beginning of 2005. Strong influences during the recordings has been Keane and Kevin Gilbert, but the final result will have more Robbo Les Paul lead guitars stamped on them.

New Official Page! 3rd September 2004

Yes, at last Brian Robertson and Yodel International productions have an official presence on the web. Watch this space for the latest Robbo and Yodel news. The other sections will evolve and improve over the next year - in the end it was better to launch the site as it is now rather than to waiting until all the sections were finished in every detail. So ... in the meantime we wanna hear you all Yodel for Robbo!

Recent News, summer 2004

Robbo is featured on the new Five Fifteen CD "The Man Who Sold Himself" from Ranch Records(Ranch-26 982049-3). He plays on "Jesus Went To N.Y.C.(Again)" and "Rocking Horse".

We've just finished recording 6 new songs for his next project which won't be called The Clan(as previous reported) due to the fact that it's musically too far away from The Clan or what you would expect from Robbo. The working title is Yodel! at the moment and it's inspired by The Darkness, Ash, Jim White, Robert Earl Keen, Steve Earle and many others. Guests includes Rob Lamothe(who also co-wrote 3 songs), Fredrik Akesson(Talisman), Hakan Persson(Skintrade) and jazz guitar player Andreas Pettersson. The recording was done in Das Boot Studios in Stockholm.

In July, Robbo guested with Ash at the Oxegen festival in Ireland and a European tour with Five Fifteen isplanned later in the autumn. There's been talks about collaborations with Dead Men Walking (Kirk Brandon) and the reformed Grand Slam.