Yodel's History

Yodel Productions was formed by Brian Robertson and Rob Jeffrey (Let Loose) as a production team in 1995. The first two projects were with Let Loose - the song "Who’s Sorry Now" from "Everybody Say Everybody Do" MER DD 446/852445-2(1995) and the "The Sweetest Thing" from "Rollercoaster" Mercury 532-955-2(1996). They moved to Mount Nessing in Essex (England) and concluded a deal with British Airways for soundscapes and music for their first class lounges around the world, which they recorded and delivered in 1997.

In 1998 Rob Jeffrey bowed out and in came I, Soren Lindberg (The Clan tour manager). The name was changed to Yodel International Productions and we moved to Stocksund, Sweden.

In 1999 we worked with Lotus and recorded "Mesmerization Eclipse" from the album "Thousand Days Of Yesterdays – A Tribute To Captain Beyond" Record Heaven RHCD19 (1999). We also recorded "Granny Smith & Wesson" and "Visionary" with Lotus for the album "A Taster From The Big One" Record Heaven RHMCD1(1999); "I Don’t Care", "I Will Be There" and "Rule The Night" with Dogface from the album "Dogface Unleashed" MTM0681-25; and also the song "Suicide" which appeared on the album "MTM Compilation Vol. 6 – 5th Anniversary" MTM0681-34 (2001). Later that year we toured with Rob Lamothe (Riverdogs), Lotus, Dare, Bittermoon, John Norum (Europe) and Five Fifteen. The Five Fifteen gigs resulted in recordings of "Dancing With Mrs. Fischer - Live" & "Waterfall - Live" which ended up on the single "Silver Machine" Record Heaven RHCDM8 (2000). We also did one gig at Donnington Park, England as Thin Lizzy with Scott Gorham, Darren Wharton, Gary Leiderman and John Cappadona

The year of 2000 saw us working in the studio with: Lotus "Quartet Conspiracy" Record Heaven RHCD027(2000); Rob Lamothe "Time Will Go By" from the album "Above The Wing Is Heaven" Southgroove Records SG0043(2003); and Meldrum "Attakapa" from the album "Loaded Mental Cannon" Record Heaven RHCD52 (2001). We also played a couple of gigs with John Norum (Europe). This was also the year that we started a very successful partnership with Sten Hardbage at Das Boot Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

2001 started with The Vibe in Dublin, Ireland where Robbo played with Thin Az Lizzy (featuring John Earle), The Lizzy Boys (Japan) and Parris (Holland). We also toured with Original Sin in Holland, Rob Lamothe in London and John Norum/Bad Habits in Norway. That year ended with one gig as Thin Lizzy at Cafe dé Paris, London with Scott Gorham, Darren Wharton, Gary Leiderman and Mike Sturgis.

In 2002 we moved the company to Spanga, Sweden. We did two tours with Five Fifteen in Scandinavia and also recorded the tracks for the Frankie Miller tribute album "A Tribute To Frankie Miller" Eagle Records ETGBX227(2003). "Ain’t Got No Money" was recorded with Rob Lamothe and Swedish musicians in Stockholm, while the following were recorded in Glasgow: "Caledonia" with Fish, "It’s As Good As Gone" with Lulu, and "Danger Danger" with Transaudio. The main event was The Frankie Miller Tribute gig at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, Scotland where Robbo and I put the house band together (Ted McKenna, Chrissie Stewart, Hugh McKenna, Paul Guerin and Robbo) who played with most of the artists including Joe Walsh, Hamish Stuart, Pat Kane, Mary Kiani, Alan Mair, Ray Wilson and Dave Lennox. We also recorded "Spela Roll" with swedish artist Malte X for the album "Jag Minns Inte Men Det Var Säkert Jag..." Voices Of Wonder VOW078CD(2002) and Robbo did a session in London with Meehan for the mini-CD "Plains Warriors" which was only released via Paul Meehans website.

2003 saw us working with Wild Willy’s Gang (featuring Ronni Le Tekro & Morty Black from TNT) on a Norwegian tour. Robbo also did a session in London for Spider Tracey (The Pogues) which hasn’t been released yet.

So far in 2004 we’ve done The B.B. King Tribute gig in Stockholm for The Polar Music Prize with John Norum and Dregen (Backyard Babies) and we did our annual tour with Five Fifteen, recording "Jesus Went To N.Y.C.(Again)" & "Rocking Horse" with them for the album "The Man Who Sold The World" Ranch 26 982049-2(2004). We also recorded a lot of stuff with Andreas Pettersson and Fredrik Akesson (Talisman) for the forthcoming Yodel! album, as well as performing at St Patrick’s Day with Ash in London and again at The Oxegen Festival with them at Punchtown Racecourse, Ireland.

Future plans? To finish our own album which will be under the name of Yodel! and to work with any bands or artists interested in having us produce them!

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